Water Safety Training
On-line Course

Welcome to Water Safety Training
This course is approved by the NH Child Care Licensing Unit

It is strongly preferred that adults who are supervising water activities with young or school age children participate in a live presentation. Please see www.NHWaterSafety.com for a list of NH based courses. For those who are unable to attend such a course, this on-line course offers a basic skill set for supervising young or school age children during water activities. There is information here that pertains specifically to NH child care providers.

Successfully completing this on-line course will fulfill the New Hampshire Child Care Program Licensing Rule He-C 4002.29(q)(3) training requirement. This course meets the requirement for a basic water safety course. Completing this training allows NH child care staff to have young or school age children participate in water related activities.

The cost to take this course is free. The certificate of completion is available for $7 emailed as a personalized, numbered and dated PDF certificate within 48 hours. A mailed paper certificate is available for $10 and is sent within 5 business days. Either certificate is available after the course is completed. The course is designed to take approximately 60-minutes to complete.

While the following directions listed here cannot guarantee the prevention of drowning, they certainly can decrease the incidences.