Water Safety Training
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Section 4:72

Number 2 of 10 "Best Guess" Answer

Children can struggles for as little as 20 seconds when drowning.

Every child needs to seen by the supervising adult every 10 seconds while in and around water.

There can be "no exceptions, no excuses."

If the supervising adult needs to miss a 10-second count, another adult must take over the supervision or the water activity should be suspended until the count can resume.

In the time it takes to answer a phone, grab a towel, fill a water bottle, talk with a parent, sign for a package... we could lose a child.

The typical adult may be able to struggle for up to 1 minute while drowning. Young children tire quickly, often in 10-20 seconds.

Number 3 of 10 "Best Guess" Questions

3. Swimming lessons can “drown-proof” a child. True or False